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playing in the snow Dec. 16, '10  Hannah and Puddin' (left)
 and Ted D. on the picnic table at top.
Ted D. lying on his
 Momma Ari , left, Feb.13, '10 & sitting on her below, Nov 23,'10. She has seemed to enjoy him & has been very patient with him; They play a lot together still--keeping a close bond, like Puddin and her son, Laz, do.
Our dear "Ari" and "Laz"--both 'now retired' from parent-hood, but not from having lots of fun and getting lots of loving.
Hannah, Ted D. and Barney say:  "whoopee! Daddy's home!"
Our 'black 'n whites' early '11--Barney, Ari, and Ted D.
Puddin' says she isn't " Granny Puddin", 
but "PRINCESS Puddin' "  She really is a 'peace-keeper' ' with playful antics she pulls on them all. (as well, as the occasional 'motherly correction'.)
Hannah and Ari
Dear little Barney (middle) still has his 'female troubles' (the gals always swipe the balls he's found right out of his mouth;) but he doesn't seem to mind too much but just goes and hunts for another one. He even puts up with Hannah's exuberant smacking him with her toy, trying to get him to play with her 
"Ted. D." (he's always been a bit of a clown like his Daddy Laz)
Barney: "Pssst!... Hey, Mom; If you just happen to see that little round thing to the right, I wouldn't mind if you threw it for me :O) I'm hiding it from the girls. "
Hannah to Ted D. "Oh, come on-put the bone down and let's play with this squeaky toy."
Puddin' with grand-son, Ted. D..
At l. is the sign on wall at right enlarged, & = the 'sign of  one delightful Springer Spaniel family-house'. Our  pooches would tell you that 'their mom' is by no means a 'meticulous housekeeper' ...(& never was, but now figures she wasted more time trying too hard).  Now, they'd say "she  is doing much more important things, (for example:  than dusting as often)--like watching, talking with, and taking care of, 'us', (of course, with the priority of  keeping 'our' house clean enough so we'll stay happy and healthy). Springers do shed at times but not as much as  many other breeds do; however, brushing them keeps that down a lot; besides they LOVE being brushed! It's like a special 'treat' (once you 'talk puppies out of' preferring to eat the brush, that is.) Also, our Springers 'help me' vacuum: will bark at it to "keep it in line"  ;O) To r. is Hannah (on rail), Puddin' standing in back, and Ari .
 Ari and Laz: " hey where'd all our normal 
   Jan.'11 SW Colorado snow go?  

(Above):  the Daniels' Spaniels having some February '11 fun  
"Ted D. Tailfeathers"
 with his grand-pa Barney
Ari:  (with ball in mouth) "Mom. When you get through with the kids,I'm patiently waiting..."
Ted D.:"Oops! I just  dropped the ball on Hannah." hee hee 
Every day Springers have a happy kiss of greeting for you--(like you've been gone a long time even when you haven't) and there is no doubt whatsoever "Who Loves You, Baby?!"  Their enthusiastic love  brightens every day. (There are times though that  I have to remind Laz that he is an English Springer--NOT a French Springer--stay away from my lips, fella! sorry) In left picture Laz seems to be saying "oh, well, that's  all very nice, Mom, but 'how's about' you quit playing now with my pictures and writing about me and let's play...or how's about grabbing that brush for you can see my ears need brushing,... or we could go for a walk..                                                     
                                                  There's nothing I could leave you with better than saying that                                 
                 I hope you will read, with a true seeking heart (Hebrews 11:6), the Bible--
                                                   our Heavenly Father's  "Manufacturer's Handbook", 
                                             His love-letter to us & 'roadmap' to guide us through this world'.
                           and at this time in earth's history, ("His Story"),  I hope you'll consider  reading 
                                                                        especially 2 Thessalonians 2

Our Springers, like most, are 'grinners' or 'smilers'.  They even seem to 'pose' for pictures. More and more Hannah's been showing her teeth and   ' grins, really putting herself into' it, she seems to think.  It just really 'tickles one's funny bone', to see a pooch do that on purpose. Puddin' and Hannah also tie for first place in shimmey-ing  their rears (amazing wiggle-butts & bodies), and first  in being able to make more kinds of sounds, including whines hitting every note on the musical scale, to make their appeals (for various things) '.  Over the years all the Springers keep adding to their 'vocabularies' of sounds--I think they check to keep the ones that make you smile and laugh the biggest.Really they may be more talented at this, I'd say, than good ole Lassie of the movies and TV--actually 
they really do  put Lassie to shame.
   We are so sorry (and are in severe pain of heart) to have to announce the passing away of our precious "Ted D.", April 7, '11. The vets (plural) thought he was having some kind of inflammatory bowel problem, etc. but, despite all our efforts to watch out for that possibility, checking toys daily, he had really ingested the squeaky mechanism of a toy apparently many months ago; My newest vet was on track, but the radiograms he did just couldn't show the clear plastic squeaky mechanism that finally stuck in there. This vet was more 'pro-active' than a first one we tried, but didn't have an ultrasound machine which would have revealed it,  he realized too late  that he should refer us to another place for  Ted passed before we could  get there. 
       But despite our hearts feeling crushed- (we miss him soooo terribly much!)--I want to bring you the reassurance we have from God's 'facts':  And, George and I have found in 'our walk with' the Lord Jesus that His compassion & mercies for us never fail.  We watched & enjoyed Ted D. while he was having many happy days with us and the other Springers even after,  now apparently, having  swallowed that plastic a long time back.  We saw more of His mercy even after the plastic stuck ,  in not letting him 'linger' long; and saw His mercy  in 'arranging an April snow blizzard' so that  our vet stayed in town when he was planning to be out of town originally and so as to give him pain meds, for examples.) We agree & repeat with Job in the Bible: "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord", for Job knew God is totally good, totally worthy of our trust; He allows things, as He promised His children in Romans 8:28, to work out (somehow-we'll know LATER when we're with Him about the more puzzling ones) for our certain good.  I can 'theorize' even now that He might have prevented this pooch, for example,from going through something even a lot more hurtful on down the way...(There are many dangers around us all, aren't there?)  We can see, and are grateful to Him, that the Lord most certainly has delivered these guys many, many times from hurting themselves or being hurt in the past, despite our very diligent efforts to carefully  'look out for' their safety, 'dog-proofing' rooms , checking toys for tears allowing them to reach the squeaky devices,etc.these last pups have been more 'inventive' about finding things to 'research with their mouths'.
"Ted D. Tailfeathers"
 Dec.13,'10-April 7,'11
Hannah, "Poppa" George, and Laz ("secure"-- wearing his fig-leafed, boxers for airport scanner protection.)
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 Folks, it still pained me but we finally felt it best to 'retire' Hannah at 9; (was spayed):   We never found a proper stud and recently we were grateful that with prayer and our vet, using an herbal (neoplasene/blood root)  a large cancerous tumor  was removed successfully off her back.  So we will just enjoy and cherish her every day and leave her future in our good Lord Jesus' loving Hands.  She seems happy to have  now adopted a new puppy member of our family like "an aunt". :O)

Lazarus: exhibiting the "beautiful essence of the Springer  Spaniel"...including  kindly eyes showing his nature, eagerness to please and love,  sensitivity to his humans, and loves to clown/play with you.
At the airport, "Sunport" in Albuquerque Nov.18,'11-(they did a much better job than has  Denver IA) but we feel flying them is still risky.
At Home Nov.20, '11
Isn't there something for me in that meat drawer?
  The Latest   about the "Daniels' Spaniels"  Some precious Springer family members have passed on up to Heaven, but again we have been experiencing even more of God's grace and mercy and have been greatly blessed with even more beautiful experiences with our furry family. We adopted a new little guy, Yoni,  who looks like a combination of Ted D. and Barney: adding more Springer Spaniel life always leads to a continual celebration! Last year he got a little girlfriend to romp and play with.
 Now (below) it is 2013 and Sammy's about grown up 
Barney with Sammy behind him.
Sammy--March 20, '13
Sammy and Hannah(in rear)  April '13
"Piles of  Springer poochies" are such fun to be in !    
George and Laz  who is still "Laz the Lap Dog"
 Having fun in our yard with our "Springer kids" in the early
 Springtime in the Rockies

Above: Puddin' looking adoringly at George and below, giving me a smooch.  Springers are very affectionate and responsive and we love that. What characters! Puddin' is now with 
her 'husband' Barney in Heaven waiting for us.
Dear little Barney, my 'velcro doggie', has been a 'ball nut',  especially because he had some famous champion working dogs in his close  bloodline.
'Poppa' George is greeted like "the returning hero" (see shirt) by the gang waiting at the doorbut  every time we come back in, they act like it is 'party time'.  They are real "love sponges"---as one of our buyers referred to her pup as being.
  So...I wanted to share what happened hoping it could somehow help others look out for this kind of thing, or if your pup swallows the wrong thing, you might be able to recognize - 'get to' the problem sooner. A 'vet worth keeping' understands that you 'know your dog'--you have an intimate bond and understanding of your pooch and any changes in them you are noticing that are not 'usual' for him, & therefore trusts and considers your input.  
  Even more than that I hope to encourage you to consider that there is a 'reality'/existence beyond this one here which was corrupted when death came in with sin; and that is the happy and true reality offered by the Lord Jesus. Knowing God's character and promises, I would offer to you that after Ted D. passed, he heard the Lord, Jesus, saying to him something like: "Come on up here boy, and play with Danny (& Phoebe, Teddy the First, Gypsy, Charlie, and our believing loved ones who are already with Him." see 2Corinthians 5: 7-8 (And, please, see my 'tribute to Danny on the home page, ,where I share some special Bible verses that give us great hope that we'll be with our beloved pets again with Him). Besides we know there will be horses up there, right? The Lord said so in Revelation, as well as saying in Isaiah 11:6; 65:25-- the 'wolf will dwell with the lamb' together peacefully. So knowing His wonderful love, I KNOW He would love for our little doggies to enjoy eating those crumbs under our table at the coming Wedding Feast with our Heavenly Bridegroom. (Please read Matthew 15:21-28 in the Bible) . We know from His Word that His creation gives Him pleasure. "for Thy pleasure they were created".. , Here I wanted to dwell on the truth of His goodness in letting us have Ted D. as long as we did, and are looking for a very happy 'reunion day' in the sky with him and the others...coming VERY soon. Hope to see you there?!! Wonder how? Jesus said in John14:6: in His Holy Word, the Bible: "I am the Way, the Truth, the Life; no man cometh unto the Father but by Me." .
   Sammy, half brother of Hannah's, joined our Springer family Nov.'11 bringing much joy!
Above  : 11 years and over a half dozen vets later, our recent vet thought he had Addisons'; after years of research I feel it was too many vacs plus giving in to a previous vet that kept pressing me with "fear the wildlife", to give him a leptospirosis vac  which he did have a reaction to; I have learned (hurts my heart that sadly was too late for Barney) to "trust your gut",( over the so called "experts") about what is best for your little buddy dogs.
  Sept.'17 it pains me to let you know my little velcro-doggie has now passed away and is romping and playing with 'old' Danny with the Lord in Heaven. God really blessed this fella and us with  quality,  12 years  that many with auto immune reactions don't have. He is sorely missed! but  Christians have  good Scriptural hope of seeing them again with the Lord. Most important note: I sure pray you've come to see your need of the Savior Who died in our places for our sins (offenses) against Him ; for we could never be good enough to appease a Holy God Romans 3:23, and He knew that and provided a Substitute for us. If we see that and change our minds toward Him, asking Him to forgive your sins,  you will be a part of a beautiful eternity with Him.  See Revelation 21:4 in Bible: there will be no more death, sorrow, crying, or pain.' 
"Samuel of Springertime" sadly didn't get to sire pups  being  half brother to Hannah; He reminded us much of our good ole Danny Dog (home p.)
Puddin' and Momma (me) 
I'm getting older (and older than in this pic), but I tell you truly: God has used these Springers in my life in many ways:  playing with, observing, working with, them ,which has helped me physically, emotionally, mentally, and yes, spiritually.
Our new family member 2018
adorable little  "  Yoni"; he is quite the heart-warmer. As mentioned before,a new pup can never take the place of one that's passed on but their affection, beauty and funny ways soothe the aching spots from the losses and remind you of lots of great memories of the previous furry 'children'. And yes Yoni is starting to resemble Ted D. a great deal!
Laz: "Hi   Here I am still pretty feisty at age 12 years and 2 months. God has graciously granted me these -each day a gift from Him. I am still happily puttering around, playing with my stuffed toy even if  slower (like Mom for we are both "70 ish" ;o)  now in dog years.) 
It is with great sadness that I have to announce that  he started having bad seizures the 2nd week of Dec. and passed away on the 20th, 2018. "The Loving Life of Laz" has come to a close on earth, but as his Biblical namesake was raised from death (John 11:1-44), and baby Laz was miraculously brought to life during birth difficulties, so was he once again.  He IS  living...now in Heaven and having a joyous reunion with his Mama Puddin .
Yoni 5 mos
I did an "oops".
Puddin on left; Laz on Poppa's lap
(Right) "He ain't heavy...he's my"...puppy still.  By the first week of December, Laz was too weak in the hips to make it up the sloping stairs George fixed for him ( or then later not even a  ramp), he made for him to get up on deck from the yard. So he happily carried Laz who always seemed to enjoy it . In this picture Laz was smiling until he saw the camera.  "oh Mom! Not that thing again."  
left: George holding 8 week old Laz
Yoni  6 months
The very  best "medicine" to help ease and heal (at least a lot of) the pain of a broken heart of losing a Springer: Always get another very soon.   The new one will not 'replace'  the others but will be so comforting since they share so many of the same ways of acting and doing while having its own special fun personality.
In closing,  a " Look Back"  Ahh...these pages bring such  wonderful, rich, memories...
        despite the pain of doggies not living long enough,   the delight of enjoying them
      far outweighs it.             We would do it ALL over again.
and now, back to Laz's story:
2020 and 2021
 The Lord Jesus let us know even more that He was with us and gave us grace (the ways and peace to see us through...hope you asked Him to, too for He lovingly  listens to you and wants to be your Good Sheperd ). We had  a house fire in Feb. that the dogs called my attention to so we got out safely. Months Later I broke my arm and had 2 surgeries, but  our hardest thing was losing Hannah. She passed away mid summer at age 10.  But here is some good news !  In early 2021 We brought home a new little liver tri  puppy girl we named Phebe.   She has all the awesome, amazing ways of bringing us joy keeping us laughing and smiling at the typical Springer antics and affection. That sure mends our hearts and makes us praise the One Who thought them up and put them together for us all to enjoy.

Introducing our new baby girl '"Phebe"  (the second) She is a funny, joyful, affectionate, smart,"honey". Yoni is a whole new happier dog after being an only child for over 6 months. They play together like two puppies. 
Sadly our Yoni won't be able to be a Daddy but he loves "his Phebe" sis
 Our happy troupe loving to play in the snow together.