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"Here I am below with my young bride "Ari Rru Rru Ruth" 
Laz: "This (below) is Springer 'poetry in motion'--my parents, Puddin' and Barnabus below";
Here I'm sharing these old and new  'family ESS' pictures with you, hoping they bring you a sense of the great heart-warming beauty of English Springer Spaniels'.
Also, toward the bottom of this page (there really is one)-are pictures from Nov.'09 & Feb-April '10 
This is "Mom", (above & below), cuddling my brother "Max" & enjoying his smoochies. Left, bottom:  a young adult heart hurts with my daughter to whom I gave Max-he passed away  &  joined the Lord in Heaven in 2017. 
to left: Laz hollers "UNCLE!  I give!" (I'm just glad my brother Samson didn't weigh more.)
"Hi Dad!"  Here I am in one of my first meetings with my Dad, Barney.
Below: Yes, Mom said we were having 'entirely too much fun' on this morning after a heavy snow, but she just had to snap these pics before "Poppa" shoveled away the snow so that we couldn't do that again.
Laz: "Here, above, my  Dad, Barney,is teaching me to keep my 'eye on the ball'. He ought to know--he came from  championship 'field/working dog' lines; but Mom nixed the hunting thing for him and relegated him to balls, frisbees,etc. That's ok with him: he thinks "life is a ball!"
We Springers can adapt to a smaller house and yard if someone loves enough to take us out to  play catch or for walk each day. We'll surprise you, too that we can 'tell time' and really do depend on you to keep it up this happy appointment time with  us. . If you don't -oh what terribly SAD, disappointed  fellas! Speaking of 'sad', below is Danny saying "Where's Poppa?! He's late coming home from work again!" as he peers  out the window But he knows George will give him 'lap time' to try 
and make up
 for it.
Hey, Mom! Let us in. You're treating us like 'dogs'!  Danny: "What's 'dogs' "?
WOW!  Hey! What kind of bird was that?!   nevermind, mom!  Danny: "uh, WHAT bird, Where? hey, don't laugh, Mom and I are the same age." (in dog years ;O) Mom & I agree: Young Springers keep us young.
Mom makes us wear coats when it is really cold!...("now if I could just see where I'm going.")
Laz: "Mom's had many kinds of dogs, but once she had an English Springer Spaniel she felt she 'couldn't live without' one...then two...then three...then...oh well, but you see: We're just the most affectionate, loyal, funny, "heart-capturing" guys.  There are some times when some of us may give the impression of being a little 'cool/stand-offish' as you are first meeting us. But that hesitancy with you doesn't last long. Mom hasn't believed in 'socializing us with strangers' to the point that many stress doing with us nowdays;  frankly, she loves that quality in us-- that we often wait a little bit while we 'size up' folks, being protective of her, until we know Mom/Poppa is comfortable with that person; When we see them at ease, we quickly want you to be our "buddies", too,  and will give you smooches,  and even take over your lap',  if you let us.  We very often make good, protective, 'baby-sitters',  too. (So please protect us, also, from the babies as they learn 'gentleness with doggies'!)  
For now my momma dog, Puddin'  is always close by-keeping at least one eye upon us-sort of teaching us stuff. She says 'keeping us under some kind of 'control' :O)
Laz: "This was when I was a teen-ager. Momma Puddin' and I always have loved playing together but she has always let me know:"I'm  the Momma! I brought you into this world and I can take you out!" (You'll notice she's 'chewing me out' in the picture top, left). Oh, but now I'm older.  I know she doesn't still think that way....I think..err, right,Mom...Mom?." (He didn't realize it, but she did, that he was going to out-grow and out-weigh her and soon.)
Barney: "Come on out, folks!  It's time to play ball!" (He thinks it's always time to play ball :O) But he doesn't 'do windows'--just coats them in the latest mud--so I do, and am keeping the Glass Plus co. in business- But I don't really mind.
We have found that our Springers don't reach their full growth until they're at least about a year and a half in age. (& sometimes a little later than that). You can see that Ari is getting taller than Barney , but then Barney's been a little smaller than the average Springer. We believe she's still 'growing into her paws' and will be an average size. We'd planned to wait until Ari was two to breed her but it 'blew my mind' how she & Laz got through a door during her 3rd cycle--still old enough by all good breeders' standards.   Puddin's and Barney's offspring, our 'stud-boy' (now "ex"-neutered) grew up to be an averaged sized Springer -(the guys bigger than the gals). Their pups  (5) did turn out with quite the variety we'd hoped for (considering their genetic bloodlines from some awesome relatives. Please, forgive our 'bragadocious' sound. It's truly just the breed itself we're proud of mostly.)  There was a great color variety in our Ari/Laz litter, too: two liver/white/tans, two black/white/tans, and one black and white.  As these babies grow up I expect the 'bench' background to show up the most, but they also  have such good 'field'  lines that it should make a wonderful combination.
Barnabus Heartfull  (black and white above left)  was aptly named, because  the  'heart designs'  prevalent in the "Saighton" champion 'field' line that Barney has, appear 'just all over and under' him (even has hearts on his boxer shorts...shhh)  "Mom" has lots of my relatives' photos and pedigrees if you're ever interested in seeing them.. Back to the 'hearts'-- Mainly Barney  is such a wonderful sweet-natured--a 'big hearted guy'-that's why mom  named him that.   
The fun they have, romping in the yard through the snow, is obvious and is always a delight to watch.
yep! how about that! It's true! Haven't you always heard that people and their puppy-dogs start looking alike?..Thanks, Laz! I'm improving!
Oops! Where'd Laz go?
At right & below: Some of my brothers and sisters (right) learning to 'brawl' at 3-4 weeks old
"Boing, Boing!" Springers  seem to have built in  springs, even in snow.
There he is! In this kind of snow, he might need a 'snow snorkle' too
Laz "What a  joy! to give and receive much love. My folks dish out lots, but we give  them back much more!" 

One of our happiest stories (and one which could have the title: "Why we want to have puppies again") can be seen in these pictures. Samson and Ruth were adopted by these wonderful folks from Lake City, CO. Samson had more of the 'bench' qualities becoming a 'love sponge' /lap dog as his new owner calls him. And Ruthie (became "Delilah"), and had more of the quick, hunting dog qualities like her Dad,Barney. We couldn't be more delighted  to see all of their enjoyment of each other.  This lady is especially dear to me,  for while she still loves to tease me, she understood why I would ask people so many questions about themselves (and sound 'so horsey' I'm sure)  before  I'd begin to consider adopting a puppy to them. (They're like our 'children'.  :O)
Delilah left top
Samson left bottom
AKC "Laz R Us"
     aka "Lazarus"
Laz (l) with his 
sire, Barney (r).
Ari at 16mos.
Ari's 'running interference', at right, while Barney's trying to catch the ball--her favorite game lately, the little stinker.  May 27, '09  
Puddin' "momma-ing" Ari--giving her  a bath/teeth cleaning
What athletes! (Barney, front-left; Ari,above him, and Laz, top -right) With eyes on the ball or birdie--they are quick in mind and body-- and so very graceful to watch..
Puddin' and Barney.
Barney and Ari--she often likes to hold the front of her coat.
 This was done by a very talented gentleman, Vincent Strangio,
 who has 'the best' prints (and on gift items) of many dog varieties. And we loved the Scripture verse he uses too.  Please check him out' at the link below:
Laz-always a sweet, heart- winning, 'character'
And who loves his dinner? Laz (above) says, "I do; Let's hurry!"

Ari says she has springs in 
her Springer feet, too.
Ari at one and a half years old
 "Ari" (l.) and "Puddin' " --Laz's dam;
                        June '09  
Baby Laz 
3 years later: Momma Puddin' and her "baby boy" (but she lets him know even now: "Be still, son--remember I can still chew you out and might slip." (all kidding aside -it helped keep ' a stud-boy' in line and sweetly devoted to his momma and owners too)
 "The Three Musketeers"? It's more like "The Three Stooges" Left to right: Laz, Barney, & Ari
Laz: "Oh!...Hi, Mom!... I'm not playing too rough--promise!")
Laz: "WHEE! What fun!"
with Barney and Puddin' to the right.
Life is all 'down hill' having Springer Spaniels! ;O) 
Ari says that she can still jump as high as Laz and she's got babies in their 'baby wombs'.
No, don't call 'crime scene' (This is about their 'social behavior/ order')  Puddin' is actually 'training' Baby Hannah here, just as she did Ari also. She's like 'the family matriarch'. WIthout laying a paw or mouth on her, she made a warning noise to the very exuberant (otherwise sometimes 'mauling') puppy, and immediately Hannah flopped flat upon her back: "Yes, Ma'am!" At that point Puddin' often gives her a 'happy approving' lick or two. They have all fit together very well, but we have had to  learn; for ex. can a stud boy and his neutered sire continue to get along well after 3 & 1/2 yrs? (answer: nope! sorry to say: problems can arise.) We also learned to go slowly, carefully supervise, with introducing a new baby to a 'group' (over 2)-and introduce neutral ground, putting away favorite toys etc.. We 've learned  that the latest 'dog behavior research' indicates that when you have more than one dog, they will establish their own 'social order'--a hierarchy. ") But we felt ours needed some help working out this structure, especially in our small cabin, and came to the conclusion in year '10, that we needed to neuter dear Laz and spay Ari. (Two neutered males  usually do better together, as do 2 females-most often, but the best idea is to have a male and a female if you only have two as we do now in 2021).  Ours is becoming once again a "peaceful heirarchy structure" .  Above all, dogs need 'their human' to be 'their leader-in-charge' --they feel more secure and at ease, knowing you're the head of the heirarchy--firm, but kind , gentle, and consistent. Then they establish their own 'social order, as to the  control over favorite things--like food, toys, spaces, human attentions, etc. Also, we've found a pup will reach the age of needing to know where he fits in and may challenge the structure, so this requires your careful control of their environment until they get it worked out. Also, elder, or weaker, dogs will need some extra consideration, so we tried to help  our "Uncle Danny", for example, and keep an extra , protective eye out for him--especially from the little ones who have always liked to pester him extra.   
  Yes, it has been 'work'-a challenge, but anything worth having is, right? These last 5 years have been a brand new, and 'learning', experience for me. I  consider it to be  'pricelessly rewarding'--even 'delightful', watching this 'family' of Springers together--a sweet and often very funny bunch.Obviously, they are enjoying each other and us.  With a family group, yes, more attention is needed to make sure no real behavior problems develop and see that they are working things out  ' (but they usually do just fine without intervention on our part.  And, we love watching just how well they respond to a 'positive way' of training using praise/reward--no 'punishment'. One great trainer who teaches this on youtube is "Kikopup".  Emily's method works with all dogs and other pets--but, especially on  eager-to-please Springers.  Our doggies have learned things especially quickly when we have used "clickers",' clicking' the second they do something right and also getting a  treat.

Puddin': "Poppa, it's been too, too long since you were home."  Puddin's our peace-maker, and a fun-loving, playful, little (head-doggie) lady of the family. When Poppa sneezes, it really concerns her and she jumps up close to his face, this time to check and see if he's ok.
'Looking back to Fall of '05 at 'Uncle' Danny and puppy Puddin'. Danny wasn't really related by bloodline to any of the others but acted like a doting uncle; Hannah and Ari have the same grand-pa, and Hannah and Puddin' share the same grand-ma---all beauties, (of course! ;O)
Our ESS Family February-April, '10
Above and right is "Hannah", our liver/white gal who's now 6mo old. Little "Ted-D." is admiring her style in the picture on right.  
"Laz" finally got to be a poppa last Dec.'09  We kept his black and white son--was the last out, just as was his daddy.
A frolicking "Ari" snow bunny,  after her and Laz's  babies left home.She did seem to enjoy her puppies, though.
Ari and "Ted-D" her baby boy
 whom we kept. He's now 10 weeks old.
"Hannah"--she so loves the snow.  
Snow-puppy,"Ted-D",  above with Uncle Danny and below  (ten weeks old)
Our dear "Puddin' " who started all this. (We retired her after a litter as a precaution, and is now a grand-mom.)
Ted-D has recently happily discovered that it's a BIG world. He was born in our loft, and now is 'an only child.'...well sort of :O) Laz is above on a pile of snow.
Hannah on left, Ted-D. and 
the guy his 'D' is named after:
'Uncle' Danny--above him. His first name is from our Springer shown on our 'about us' page--"Teddy".
   Ted D's growing up  April '10
Grand-pa Barney with Ted-D who just discovered he could get down the stairs by himself.
"The girls" with  Ted-D.  
Ari-above left and Hannah.
March 26,'10  Here I'm holding "Ted D." Isn't he big ? Maybe we should have called him "Spot"? but we'd kept referring to him as little "Teddy-Danny" (after our other beloved Springers, while thinking of a name, so "Ted D." stuck).
Ari and her son Ted D. 

Hannah had reached 8 months old in the two pictures above and is such a very loving, funny, adorable little 'character that we had really wanted to breed her but just never found 'the right fella' here close enough. While they don't look at all alike, she and Ari share several champion bench, grand-parents. Both gals have a beautiful way of 'carrying themselves' as well as seeming to 'strut their stuff' when showing off for us--especially while carrying a toy around the room. Finally at age 9 we had her spayed. It was such a difficult decision, but we have a vet we highly regard who felt she would be protected from infections that often set in as the lady doggie gets older. 

Some Nov.'09 pictures:
Grand-pa Barnabus with Grand-son Ted D. "Hey, son! That's my bone. " He lets them all run-all over him. Barney's my 'shadow'--a really SWEET boy.
"We love playing in the snow!"
Laz: "Mom loves to keep some of the beautiful creations of our Lord Jesus', around our house for her to admire often."
left: Hannah 'adopted' Ted D. when he was 4-6 wks old; here she's giving a bath but usually they play-fought together.
I named her "Ari" which means "lion-like in courage and royalty"; it fit her well considering her 'spirit' and bloodlines.
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First Photo page of our lives with our Springer Spaniels:  "Photos 1" 
Laz and Ari
Ari and Puddin'