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July '08 we were blessed with AKC "Ari Rru Rru Ruth"- The 'rru' is for the growly noise she likes to make while holding her ball in her mouth and wiggling all over.  
Hi! My name is Carolyn, and I'm happy to confess being a 'Springer Spaniel nut'. It's been over 47 years since I adopted my first one from the Ft.Worth Humane Society in 1974.  My husband, George, 'inherited' both a Springer and the love for them after we married a couple of years after my first husband passed away in '94. In all these years of having Springers, we have now, as of August 2022, only bred two litters; but I should say: "regretfully only twice", for each was a very beautiful experience.  In the first, Puddin' and Barney produced 7 awesome puppies, and in Dec. '09 Ari and Laz produced 5 beauties which sold quickly to  lovely families who had had Springers before & greatly missed them; most paid us the honor of signing up for their pup "B.B" (before birth).  By 2010, we had to come to the realization that we needed to limit our breeding to one little lady,  since we're not a 'kennel' but a little 'family' in a small log cabin' (but, with lots of room for them to live and run.)   We  finally ran out of our hope to breed another litter when  had to spay Hannah at age 9, not finding 'the right' stud boy for her.
   So, why a website? I just wanted to share with you the beauty, joy, fun, shear delight of  the English Springer Spaniel, and a few things I have learned (or they have taught me), that hopefully might be helpful to you. I have been greatly honored also to hear that the website brings some bit of comfort to those who have lost their Springer furry babies.
  Since we have serious concerns about doggie's safety when transported by air, we drove to Pueblo, CO, for Puddin' and nearly to Mexico for Barney, to South Texas for our present boy, Yoni, to East Texas for our new puppy girl Phebe (the Second) --and they all were most definitely worth it!  (see 'the latest' page) We've had other kinds of poochies during our many years of loving dogs, but we have to tell you  the English Springer Spaniel/"ESS" especially 'captured our hearts', for they have always been very loyal, affectionate, eager-to-please , very sensitive-to-your-mood (in a good way), critters.  I never cease to be 'touched' by their great responsiveness to 'their humans', and especially to our voices, ever giving us an eye, an ear in an effort to be and do what we are wanting them to. They seem to just 'eat up'/love the petting, even 'cuddling' on your lap, and being talked with and can be talked into just about anything especially when using an enthusiastic tone  (But, if they do have a 'doggie-moment'--persuing an independent, 'dog idea', it is but for a brief moment and return quickly to wanting to please us more than themselves! So I've always found them easily trained. And they think that we are, too ; If we EVER get to breed again, (I never give up hope ha!), we'll look for those 'adopters' who would be committed to giving them much loving care and the close companionship' they live for and thrive on, even through their 'old age' when they need and deserve some extra care and considerations. I  so  hope you ENJOY my 'labor of love'--this website.
AKC "Choco-scotch Puddin' Bear"--Laz's momma with Laz in middle front with  his siblings.
AKC "Laz R. Us"
   aka "Lazarus"
AKC "Smiley Barnabus Heartfull"--Laz's sire
my husband, George, with Ari below  
 Here's the (main) reason why we thought we'd finally breed after having had Springer Spaniels since 1974: "Puddin' "(AKC "Choco-Scotch Puddin' Bear" above & left) She has always been the sweetest, most adorably 'comical',  little character, so we wanted to pass her along, so to speak, in more generations and have a litter.  However, despite our taking every precaution and having health exams by 3 vets, she still had some problems;  We've heard that it's very likely she'd never have had any more difficulties if we'd tried again,  but we got her to love, not to have babies anyhow; (We didn't chance losing her and had her and Barney spayed/neutered.) We kept the no.7 puppy, Laz,  who told us from the beginning that "he was 'the pick' "of the litter. He has some of the best attributes of each of his parents.
                       And then came AKC "Ari Rru Rru Ruth" aka "Ari" (above)
 She  and Laz both have splendid, 'champion'filled', pedigrees. But better than that: they are just wonderfully sweet and 'funny' doggies.  Ari loves toys, especially balls although she's not always quite sure what to do with them--(we try and show her, but she seems to get her feelings hurt when we take the ball from her to throw it or pitch it to her. She seems to prefer chasing the others around and rubbing balls on the backs. Later:  She IS loving to learn to catch now. Update: a very difficult thing arose when nearly 3 years later, Ari finally decided she wanted the Alpha dog position over Puddin' and wanted to fight for it. It was terribly sad for us but we had to adopt this little gal out who was incredibly sweet with humans and exceptional in wanting to please us. So we prayed and quickly found a wonderful couple who adopted her and made her their only child which took some of the pain out of losing her..

Puddin and Barney adored each other from the first; we called them "Barney-O" and "Puddin'-ette"
But see, I have a 'serious  side' (above)
And then came Laz (left & below) who is saying:" oh for barking out loud, give me the treat,  PLEASE" 
 "I'd really rather smile at the camera than 'keep my eye on the ball'.  It's a 'girl-thing'."
Laz: " I've always been a bit of a happy  'clown' ".("I've got that joy, joy, joy ,joy down in my heart" as the song goes.)
It just doesn't last very long...
 Ari: "I'm getting it! (that 'eye on the ball' stuff) "
Here's 'that baby' again,(above), growing up with our 2nd & 3rd Springers (pics taken around '80-88.) Our No. 3, Teddy, especially loved doing whatever she wanted him to. It was all 'play'to him, from playing tug 'o war, to 'dress-up' (below), pushing the Tonka truck--(It sure made SUCH a noise at 3:00am when he hit the underpinning with the Tonka! At the very first our ESS used to have outdoor houses, but we found we were really missing out that way for Springer personalities really 'blossom' when living with you inside.  Watching my girls grow up with them, I have witnessed that the more gentle love and time,  you 'put into one', the more a Springer Spaniel gives exponentially back . And that is why I also pray that parents carefully supervise there little ones and teach them gentleness with doggies--especially with exhuberant puppies.
 [An update now that we have a puppy again: I'm remembering (for some reason-OW! )that  the little rascals will playfully 'attack' parts of your anatomy with their sharp teeth.  On top of that: puppies are too young to know where a toy ends and the human hand or foot begins, and for a child especially this will really feel 'personal. :O) So, please, intervene and help them learn so that they don't 'react' by hitting or kicking the little thing. Show them how to quickly divert it by sticking another toy in its mouth & praising it, or throwing it for them.  Also, pups have days of teething just 'pop up' where they go after 'every'thing ...especially your child's favorite toys and they're harder to 'divert'. There's so much to learn so that your child doesn't react harmfully ...keep piles of puppy toys and reward treats handy. (and "Bitter Spray") Besides it's so much fun to get down on the floor with them. Hannah curls up against me  while we play and the cuddling's good for us both. And, please try "clicker training". It works fast with great results!]
    Despite pop psychology's (psychiatry's) many theories--even the 'best kids' are not always trustworthy, unsupervised with pets.  Sorry, but very often parents (including my own, I'm sure who would tell on me), have clearly witnessed that we are not born 'basically good/ little angels' at heart, but self-idolizing, sinners who have offended a Holy God, breaking His commandments,in need of a Savior--even 'from our hurtful selves'. God, in His Manufacturer's Handbook, the Bible, gives us His facts we can trust; He tells us we're born with a sin nature and in need of His paying for our sins for we cannot be good enough. Thankfully, being a just, holy, very loving God, He made a way for us to come into relationship with Him, by sending His Son to die for our sins in our place on the cross. (Romans 3:23;6:23 When we come to Him in repentance, (word means a "change of mind" After being saved His Spirit works on cleansing us from anything that would get in the way of our fellowship), but we are seeing our need to be delivered from coming judgment by His amazing gift of grace, then His Spirit comes to live in us, (&we're 'born again'!) and  He accounts us as having died on the cross 'with the Lord Jesus', and now dead to that old sin nature. He  truly made us brand new creations.  Best of all we then have eternal life with Him forever. As said above, He is the embodiment of 'love' and is just and holy, that He "paid/did it all" to bring us to right relationship with Himself in providing a pure, sinless sacrifice in our stead. The blood of His Son blots out all our sin. Isn't it downright awesome that He would  make a way for us to be with Him now and later in His Heavenly Kingdom?!. 
All our Springers have been wonderful 'cuddlers/lap dogs'--but especially Teddy.  Each Springer we've had has had most of his happy, sweet, amusing, attributes. with unique variations, making each a special, unforgettable, lovable 'character.
Looking back in time: 
doing the  typical Springer 'smile or grin
He would do his best to 'talk to' you--he  sure could 'talk you into, or out of,  things', having us very well trained.
You can see that Springers are happy to fit into your life style, whether you're the indoor, or the outdoor, type. All they ask is that you don't leave them alone for very long. They 'live for' your companionship!
Teddy was more  'bench/show' than 'working/field' variety of ESS, but, still as a 'bird dog' at heart, you can tell what he'd like for Christmas above.
Here are some Springer family members who are now awaiting us in Heaven.
      "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath 
        prepared  for them that love Him. But God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit..." 1 Corinthians 2: 9-10 Holy Bible
Here  is  "Phoebe",  above & with "Danny" (who passed away in '10).  She was our 2nd liver/white gal. She was more  in the middle--of a mix between 'field' and 
'bench' varieties.
Our second Springer,  and first 'lady' Springer, was  "Gypsy" (above and below) She was liver and white, with more ticking  (freckles and spots) having  more 'field/working' blood-line  in her background than did Teddy or Danny who were more 'bench' bred in theirs, (except for Danny's long legs--which is also a more 'field' /'working',characteristic.)
    a few thoughts on the differences in "bench/show' or 'working/field'  Springers:
   A number of decades ago, Springer breeders started breeding certain of their Springers together in an effort to  bring out more the characteristics that were dominant(showing) for what they personally preferred: either "Bench" or "Field" qualities.  Those who breed for the "field", or "working", variety, feel theirs has retained higher hunting instincts than those bred for strictly 'show'; we along with the co-author of the book mentioned below, Edward Roggenkamp III, think our doggies of the field variety -(we have one)-- are a bit more 'sensitive' -(my word) and "require a 'softer' approach' in their training", as Mr. Roggenkamp puts it. The field variety are usually lighter-boned, with a little different (often 'higher') ear-set, and with a slightly different head shape, sometimes a little longer-legged, than their 'bench' relatives. Those with more 'bench' in their bloodlines, or that are bred to show, have body features  more in line with the standards set over many years by AKC, defining body structure/conformation ,gait, etc; Springers with more 'field' have shorter, thinner coats than some in the 'bench' variety, so often require less trimming/less often. However, the bench variety's coat has what I personally love 'the more the merrier': the longer, silky 'feathering'--hair coming off its legs/chest. (Still our 'blend' of both varieties have lovely feathering themselves, and I'll have to admit that I enjoy it that I don't have to clip/trim them very often.)  It used to be that all truly "English" Springers had more ticking (speckles/freckles), but in recent years those in the U.S. with less ticking have been bred together more; and, as it's been said, to almost bring in a new variety of bench Springer--sometimes already referred to as the "American Springer Spaniel".  
   With more 'Bench" than "Field" background in their bloodline, the variety tends to be a bit more 'laid-back' than their feistier, field relatives, but we've never had one that you could call 'hyper', even then.
  We've heard that 'blends' of the two varieties also still make great hunting dogs, and even some champion 'bench' ones have been good at hunting for they all started out springing game.  Our particular  blend of the two varieties of ESS (mostly still 'leaning' toward the 'bench' side'), are still 'peppy'but just as happy to plop down beside you on the couch. (Yes..."couch"--they say that the 'floor' is for 'dogs' ;O)
  Having said all that: both variations make splendid 'family members' and have all the good and adorable Springer qualities in common. We have both 'varieties and a blend in between, and each one is as absolutely   delightful in its own way as the other. We couldn't choose a 'favorite'.  
  A really good quote from Julia Gasow, a well-known lover, breeder, judge of the ESS:

          In The New Complete English Springer Spaniel,1994, 
         she writes, "Many felt that this division would be the ruination of the breed, but results have proved quite 
          the contrary.  Each of the two phases has become so highly specialized that we now have English Springer Spaniel 
          superiority on two fronts, as it were: ability unsurpassed by any other breed in field trials, and a bench record 
        unmatched by any other breed since 1967."

sort of like the song: "I'll Fly Away...".
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adorable print by Vincent Strangio
"This man-owned    and operated- by a       spoiled-rotten,    English Springer or two...or three..."
And then...reason no. 2: "AKC SmileyBarnabus Heartfull, aka  Barney", above with his Momma- on right of the 4,  and the picture that grabbed our attention;  (a question mark on his face asked us if we wouldn't like to come  & adopt him? --certainly! ;O)  To right is a 'typical' Barney sight: a 'happy- 'let's play', greeting while on his hind legs, shaking his head, squeaking the ball in his mouth. Just as soon as we brought him home, &watching them 
together, we knew without a doubt that he and Puddin' should 
have babies and give us our first litter ever.
 first two to right: In Oct.'09: We introduced funny, beautiful baby"Hannah". 
Ari: "Wow! You just never know what might run out of the bushes! It's a baby! I've been wondering where babies come from."
We'd  just made a trip to the Denver airport once again (Oct.09) to get our new baby girl, Hannah, Once again the Lord answered many  prayers from her conception to her finally arriving at Denver I.A. Below is my husband  George after picking up baby Ari mid '08.
Hannah (left) and Puddin' 
 Hannah playing with Ari, first time in snow. We tried our smallest coat on her but she quickly got tangled up in the big thing and fell over...so like we thought she ran and stayed warm. 
  "WOW, Uncle Barney, What's this white cold stuff---like you have on your nose?"
Oct. '09-Laz, Barney, and Ari say "Whoopee! Snow! we love to play in it!"  
Hannah: "See, I'm big stuff with a coat like Laz's....well... in a another month maybe, that is."
George putting up our"Springer Crossing" sign
1974: Here was our very first ESS "Charlie" who we adopted from the Ft.Worth Humane Society. Above he's with my youngest and right-with all the family. I'm inside the van; my first husband (who is now with the Lord) is holding him. My oldest daughter beside him is now 52 (whew!) and the baby is  48, (and  I'm... not telling ;O). We've never been without a Springer since then.
Baby Puddin'--8 weeks old.
With 'Uncle' Danny (top l.), Cousin Ari (l.) , &' Aunt' Puddin' (above)
"The Beginning" of our admiration for, great fun with, and
great love of...the "English Springer Spaniel"
"Step right up, folks & see Laz and his daddy,
 "The Amazing, The  Incredible Flying Barney" the previous year 10/'08
AKC "Theodore Ruff Ruff Rider"; aka "Teddy"
Springers show they love to listen to you even when you feel that  no one else wants to. Here Gypsy, our 2nd Springer (r.),  and Muffin (l.)our Lhasa Apso, (who did a good job, too) listen to our 2nd daughter, practice her reading, reading them a story.
and then...
winter of 2009 after baby Hannah arrived
Beloved "sidekick"Barney (left) passed away in mid 2017 and dear little "Pud" (right) in Feb.'18.both at age 12.  What a rough 6 months! But our Lord Jesus said to "set our affections on things above", with Him our greatest treasure and other of our hearts' treasures with Him in Heaven where they are safe for we will join them there.   So we so look forward to seeing them again!
Even with the best check ups and vet care, precious Sammy passed too early at 7. The  doc thinks it was liver cancer. I suspect a bad vaccine in his early years before coming to us. Another treasure awaiting us in Heaven:  Then a few years later in 2020, his half sister,  dear little Hannah (r.)  passed .